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Heat Shields

FASTBLOCK® is low density fire and thermal barriers. These systems adhere well to most substrates and can be formulated to cure rapidly at room temperature, making them useful as adhesives and coatings.

FASTBLOCK® 850 SERIES coatings are water-based fire and thermal barriers for extreme heat flux environments. Delivered ready-to-use, FASTBLOCK® 850 materials can be sprayed onto many substrates using conventional airless spray equipment. They can also be spread by trowel or dispensed from a caulking gun. The Compounds cure to a stiff, low density coating at room temperature. Cure time depends on application thickness and ambient temperature. Upon exposure to fire or extreme temperatures, the materials ceramitize to hard, protective surfaces, FASTBLOCK® 800 SERIES products can be topcoated with many common paints and coatings.

FastBlock 350 Comes in 18"x18"x1/4" Sheets It has 0.020 Titaum on both sides and can be cut in to any shape and bolted or riveted into place.

FASTBLOCK® 150 SERIES compounds are ready-to-use, moisture curable firewall sealants for high vibration areas. These one-part, non-ablative sealants cure to tough, durable elastomers upon exposure to air. The materials adhere well to metals, composites, paints, and most other common substrates without the use of primers or special surface preparation. FASTBLOCK® 150 SERIES sealants have a paste consistency that makes them effective on vertical and overhead surfaces and in the repair of panel holes. The materials can be dispensed from caulking systems or spread by trowel. Upon exposure to fire, the materials form a strong, dense ceramic char with excellent adhesion and fire blocking properties.

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