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THE Draco Purple Spring

This is THE Spring of the future!

Draco Spring is striving to manufacture the best suspension spring on the market. With 30+ years in the business, Draco Springs are the first choice for top Nextel Cup, Busch and Craftsman Truck Series teams. Each and every Purple Spring is hand coiled from the highest quality alloy, put through extensive inspections and then powder coated purple.

If you run 175 to 275 lbs front 'coil over' springs in your Late Model, Tour or ASA car - give Draco Purple Springs a try. You'll experience optimal spring rates for the duration of the race with these quality purple springs.

These proven springs originated from the Nextel Cup when several teams were having trouble getting high quality, low spring rate springs, so the Draco Spring was being built and sold as a custom solution. Nextel Cup teams continue to run THE Purple Spring today to avoid spring sag or loss of ride height.

Now YOU can get the same top quality spring 'off-the-shelf' through R H Engineering.

Now Available: 2 1/2" x 13" Tall Coil Over Springs from 175 to 275 lbs ratings.

Coming Soon... 2 1/2" x 15" Tall Coil Over Springs from 150 to 225 lbs ratings.

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Draco Purple Spring Demo  

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