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Tire Stagger Dyno

This is a Hot New Product! Winner of the 2001 Circle Track New Product Award, the Tire Stagger Dyno measure the circumference of a tire before it is mounted on the rim. This machine manually spins to use a stagger tape or gauge to measure the roll out of a tire. Measure different pressures/roll-out before tires are mounted on your rim. It will inflate and deflate tires in less than one minute. It weights only 34 lbs and measures tire widths from 8-18 inches.

  • Measure diameter without mounting tire on rim.
  • Measure tires before you buy them.
  • Inflate/Deflate in less than 1 minute.
  • Measure tire at different PSI for proper stagger.
  • Start Chassis setup with proper tire stagger.
  • Measure 8" to 18" tires wiyh an adjustable sleeve.
  • Tire can be spun to speed use of stagger tape.
  • Light weight machine weights approximately 34 pounds
  • Glow in the dark gauge for low light pit area

    Now Available: 13", 15" and 16".

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  • Tire Stagger Dyno  

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